Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Fire Alarm Lounge. (Gone.) Cicero Illinois USA. January 1986.

One of the more unique roadside signs I have come to know in the greater Chicagoland area many years ago, was that of The Fire Alarm Lounge in west suburban Cicero Illinois.

This now long gone lounge and dance club establishment, was located on South Ogden Avenue, near the intersection of West 31st Street.

That old fire engine, made for a definate attention getter from passing motorists.

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Jackie Jenness said...

I would close the kitchen @ 9:00 @ the Mood in Countryside .Bartend at Rolling lanes until 4:00a.m then my girlfriends an I would head to the Firealarm and dance until
We couldn't feel our feet anymore then last call there @ 7:00a.m . I'd go home shower get to work @ 9:00a.m . That was the life at the fire alarm back in the 80' s for me and Kitty, Tom,and Frank