Tuesday, November 08, 2011

I found this photo at My Link page "Dave's Electric Railroads", located to the right of Your computer screen at www.davesrailpix.com

Photographer Gerald Widemark, took this photo of a northbound electric interurban train of the Chicago, North Shore And Milwaukee Railroad at Lake Bluff Illinois, way back in December of 1962.

Time was running out for the much fabled and very bankrupt Chicago, North Shore And Milwaukee Railroad when this photo was taken, and the line would shut down entirely for good on January 21st, 1963.

Luckilly, several of their electric interurban cars that traveled daily betwen Chicago Illinois and Milwaukee Wisconsin, have been preserved at various railroad museums around North America.

The Illinois Railway Museum in Union Illinois, ( www.irm.org) actually has a sizeable collection of North Shore equipment either operating or on display.

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Anthony C said...

Nice touch crediting the original photographer. It's really the right and just thing to do.

That's a cool shot.