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One of My favorite fallen flag Chicago railroads of the past, was the former Wabash Railroad. The Wabash was one of those North American railroads, that was in a big hurry to retire steam locomotives, and begin total dieselization in the years immediately following the end of World War 2 in 1945.

During this period, the former steam locomotive builders attempted to build and market new diesel locomotives. The Wabash just like the former Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific....seemed to own just about one or more of many of these new locomotive models from different builders. The Wabash originally had a striking blue, gray and white color scheme on their mainline road diesels, but had began to repaint many in to a simple solid blue paint scheme by the early 1960's to cut costs and ease maintenance.

The Wabash was one of the first North American railroads, to embrace "New" EMD 2nd Generation motive power, begining around 1963 with the EMD model GP 35 roadswitcher model shown here in this 1965 photo.

During October of 1964, the Norfolk & Western Railroad purchased the Wabash, and the New York, Chicago & St. Louis Railroad (The NKP / Nickle Plate Road ) and absorbed them in to their corporate system through merger. This was one of the first large railroad mergers of the 20th century.

Many times, equipment from former railroads acquired through mergers...will roll around for a number of years in the former railroad's color schemes and markings, until eventually sold or repainted. This is just what happened in this photo taken a year after the big merger in 1965.

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