Friday, November 11, 2011

I found this photo at My Link pagefor the Illinois Railway Museum, located to the right of Your computer screen at

This photo, is from the members photo album page entitled "Electric Car Department".

Seen here, is a recently repainted Chicago Transit Authority 1950's era 550 Series lightweight rapid transit car. These single unit cars and the nearly identical 6000 series cars, were built by the St. Louis Car ompany, utilizing several components from recently retired and scrapped CTA pre and postwar PCC (Green Hornet) electric streetcars.

The CTA was able to upgrade the very outdated and worn out rapid transit system during the 1950's, with new cars at a considerable cost savings. This car is wearing the original color scheme used on these cars.

This car was a regular on what is todays CTA yellow line, back when it was known as the "Skokie Swift" line.

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