Friday, November 11, 2011

Mad Man Sven's Used Cars

I found this very funny early 1970's era local Chicago area TV comedy show clip on You Tube this morning.

When many local Chicagoans today hear the name "Svengoolie", immediately thoughts come to their minds about Rubber Chickens, Jokes about west suburban Berwyn Illinois ( Ber-Wyn!?)
old poorly made horror and sci fi movies from the past, and of course local Chicago TV comedy show host Rich Koz.

Rich Koz, was not Chicago's original "Svengoolie" TV horror show host, but rather Jerry G. Bishop was.

From 1972 until 1974, Jerry G. Bishop hosted a local Saturday night TV horror show on WFLD TV Channel 32 in Chicago entitled "Screaming Yellow Theatre". For the two year run, He hosted the show as a "Hippie / Cool Ghoul" horror show host named "Svengoolie".
Betweeen the old movies and commercial breaks, Jerry G. Bishop would do this live, stand up improv style of comedy sketches on TV, and ad lib all the way through them as things would sometimes get very silly in the Channel 32 TV studio.

From the early 1970' is Chicago's original Svengoolie Jerry G. Bishop, spoofing local Chicago area tv car dealership commercials. Here is "Mad Man Sven's used cars"!

Eddie K.

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