Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The B-52's - Private Idaho 1980 Video widescreen

While I was attending Curie High School in Chicago during the late 1970's and early 80's. I -
was introduced to an unusual futuristic, new wave, science fiction sounding rock and roll band
known as "The B 52's".
With the female back up vocalists wearing those "Huge" 1960's style womans hair styles, lead
vocalist Fred Schneider doing songs about unusual and sometimes bizzare song subject matter...
this group for me, was actually quite fun and imaginative to listen to whenevr they were playing
on the FM Radio stations.
My first B 52 song I recall ever listening to, was their big underwater deep sea hit "Rock Lobster".
Although sometimes "Strange", their songs are quite light hearted and border on funny Novelty records. This group has definately put a lot of fun and imagination in to what they do.
I was lucky to have had the opportunity to see them in concert during the summer of 2000.
The B 52's also made a cameo appearance in the movie "The Flintstones", which had starred
John Goodman as the famous Hanna Barbera carton character Fred Flintstone.
Here is one of their early hits from 1980 that I had discovered recently entitled "Private Idaho".
Eddie K.

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