Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Don't worry. This is not a kidnapping in progress. Only a training exercise.

Matt our instructor gave us an outdoor hands on session in the back of our garage facility, one cold afternoon in Febuary of 2008.

Yvonne volunteered with this demonstration on how to use the wheelchair lift. Yvonne was blindfolded deliberately, so that she could experience just how it felt like to be a blind person in a wheel chair.

Paratransit Drivers are trained on how to handle the elderly, handicapped, and special needs people, and do it well on a daily basis.


lapstrake said...

Yvonne looks a little concerned!

Eddie said...

Hi Tom!
Yes, Yvonne was just that as described. Our other training wasn't quiete this radical, but it brought things to our awareness.

When we secure wheelchairs on the bus, we are required to inform the passengers -especially "Woman" that We have to reach over and secure the safety belts around them, or even the wheelchair restraints near their legs. This way they won't think that we are trying to make any inapropriate touching or advances on them.

Paratransit operations are a very educational experience.

Thank You.
Eddie K.