Monday, March 24, 2008

Friends of Eddie's Railfan Page pizza outing. Vince's Pizza on West 63rd Street. Chicago Illinois USA. Tue, March 18th, 2008.

Lat week, several of My friends wanted to get together and have a fun pizza outing on Chicago's southwest side.

It was a special occasion, as I had the privelidge of meeting one of our fellow readers, the famous "Leomemorial" aka Renee.

From left to right is Jim, Renee, Big Ed, Myself ( In vest) Paul, and Anthony C.

Our pizzas at Vince's, located on West 63rd Street near South Melvina Avenue were awesome.
It was great fun getting together that night.


leomemorial said...

Hey Hey!! How is everyone?

Anthony C said...


I think I need way less pizza :-(

But a fun time, as always.

lapstrake said...

Sorry I missed it! Tuesdays just aren't possible anymore.

Eddie said...

Hi everyone!
I Myself had an absolutely wonderfull time getting together with old friends and fellow southside Chicagoans. Leomemorial, it was absolutely great finally getting to meet You on our pizza night at Vince's last week. I always enjoy Your informative comments here at the blog site.

We should maybe do a minature golf outing in upcoming weeks. Or maybe even a visit to a bowling alley.
This outing made up for a lenghty and lousy wintertime this year.

Thank You.
Eddie K.