Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A scene from one of My past H.O model railroads. Chicago Illinois USA. Circa 1989.

I took this black and white 35 mm photo back in late 1989 in My family's old apartment I lived at when I resided in the city of Chicago. ( Southside.)

My ficticious " ALSIP" Railroad, was an industrial shortline railroad serving a branchline on the outskirts of any midwest town. It was an outlying railroad much like the E,J & E. The layout itself, was four feet wide by six and one half feet long with industrial sidings on a switchback arrangement. It was in a small town setting too.

The Alsip railroad had three locomotives. Athearn Baldwin s-12 switcher # 10 shown here, a Bachman G.E 44 Ton centercab switcher, and a model Die Casting 0-6-0 with a slope back tender that didn't operate well mechanically. When I wasn't operting the Alsip Railroad switching local...I would run Santa Fe passenger and freight trains.

I still have Alsip Railroad Baldwin switcher # 10 today, still painted in the blue and cream color scheme with the large white ALSIP roadname on the sides. It was My best diesel switcher then.

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