Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Grand Trunk Western Elsdon Yard track department office and shed on West 51st Street. Chicago Illinois USA. June 1984.

This metal prefab industrial building was photographed along the northside of West 51st Street, in what was previously Elsdon Yard.

The GTW Elsdon Yard had officially closed in October of 1983, but suprisingly maintained a small degree of railroad locomotive, crew, and support operations here untill September of 1986.

This building shown here is still standing today, although shabby looking with Canadian National markings. A portion of the old Elsdon Yard is being retained as a building and construction supply depot for Canadian National support operations. Other parts of the former GTW Elsdon Yard are being redeveloped residentially.

The yard tracks and facilities are long gone, and new housing development is replacing them.
A new gated community along West 51st Street east of South Lawndale Avenue is under construction, and is planned to have an outdoor swimming pool and other ammenities. $ $ $

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