Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chicago's Wrigley Field world series. 1932.

A family member of mine had spotted this unique and very historic photo taken in Chicago's Wriggleyville neighborhood, back in the Autum of 1932.

This photo is unique in several aspects. Although it had been a long time since anything resembling a baseball World Series Championship game, was ever hosted at Chicago's Wriggley Field, wich is home to the Chicago Cubs National League Baseball Team....take a good look! Not only is the Wriggley Field fence not very tall like it is today, but apparently....those apartment buildings with the roof top bleachers on North Sheffield Avenue, haven't arrived on the scene either.

Keep Your fingers crossed Cub's fans! Maybe another World Series will eventually return to the friendly confines of Wriggley Field stadium yet. I sure hope so.

Eddie .

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