Saturday, May 21, 2011

North Riverside Public Works, water department Ford truck. North Riverside Illinois USA. May 2011.

Hi everybody!
Welcome aboard Eddie's Railfan Page, from the city of Chicago Illinois USA.

Believe it or not, several of My readers here at Eddie's Railfan Page, are big fans of public service vechicles. I have recieved numerous comments from people who either were municipal workers, garbage truck operators, sewer workers, police and firemen and other people who maintain city utilities.

For all of those hard working and dedicated people who maintain our cittie's services daily, sometimes 24 -7 in an emergency situation..this photo is dedicated to You.

Seen here parked at Commons Park in west suburban North Riverside Illinois, is a North Riverside Public Works Ford Utility truck, from the village water department.

Thank You all public service workers.

Eddie K.

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