Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Milwaukee Road EMD FP-7 95C departing Chicago Union Station with a commuter train in tow. Chicago Illinois. 7-1-1969.

I found this classic late 1960's era Chicago railroad photograph at My Link Page Fallen Flags.Org, located to the right of Your computer screen.

Many years ago prior to the creation of Chicago's Metra commuter rail agency in 1984, and the Regional Transportation Authority prior to that in 1974....commuter trains operating to and from Chicago, were actually operated by the individual railroads.

In this photo dated for August 1st, 1969 ( I was only 7 years old back then)..A Milwaukee Road commuter train is viewed after departing from the north end of Chicago Union Station.

The train is operating along the west bank of the Chicago River. The bridge in the background, is West Lake Street.

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