Tuesday, May 31, 2011


NYBSgmc by Eddie from Chicago
NYBSgmc, a photo by Eddie from Chicago on Flickr.

I found this New York City bus photo on the internet recently, but I unfortunately do not recall what the name of the website was.

This photo was proboubly taken at some time during the 1970's or early 1980's.

The General Motors Corporation introduced their popular TDH Series "New Look" transit buses with the fishbowl windshield and slanted side windows in the year of 1959.

These buses were immensly popular, and were in production throughout the 1960's and most of the 1970's era.

Shown here is a suburban or commuter version of the GM Fishbowl windshield transit bus from the company known as New York Bus Service.

The Suburban version of the GM fishbowl windshield bus, had foreward facing seats, luggage racks, and no rear transit doors.

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