Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Oak Park Society of Model Engineers H.O Scale Model Railroad Club. Oak Park Illinois USA. May 2011.

One very nice thing about joining a local model railroad club, is that You can sometimes donate unused rolling stock that otherwise is just taking up space in a closet.

I live in small accomodations, and do not have room for a small H.O scale model railroad layout.

Prior to My moving to Elmwood Park Illinois, My last place I lived in was also tight on space as well. I began to experiment with trolley layouts using inexpensive equipmemnt.

My long since unused former trolley layout equipment, has now been donated to The Oak Park Society of Model Engineers H.o Scale Model Railroad Club. Some of the Junior members and visiting guests, enjoy operating these on the clubs little 4 x 8 spare layout.

Eddie K.

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