Friday, March 28, 2014

Steam Trains Mexico 1964 Part 3

I thought that it would be fun to add a little "Latin Flavor" to today's posting of
Eddie's Railfan Page, by including this rare and historic railfan home movie,
that was photographed in Mexico during 1964.

Some of today's younger generation of railfans, are more than likely not aware of it, but
Mexico was a late user of railroad steam locomotives in daily operation, until 1968.

The United States and Canada converted their railroad locomotive fleets after World War 2, from
steam locomotives to modern diesel electric models during the late 1940's to the mid and sometimes
late 1950's. With a lack of the nostalgic smoking, hissing and chime whistling steam locomotives
to be seen on home rails, a number of devoted railfans, made vacation trips south of the border
in to Mexico during the 1960's, to capture this unique last daily working remnant of the steam era.

Eddie K.

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