Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The outdoor seasonal attractions closed for the winter off season at the Haunted Trais Family Amusemen Center. Bridgeview Illinois. March 2014.

I took this photograph last week Sunday, in southwest suburban Bridgeview Illinois.

Gusty bone chilling winds and temperatures in the 20's, helped to make this image of the miniature portable roller coaster and other outdoor attractions at the Haunted Trails family Amusement Center look very lonely and forlorn.

Chicago's winter of 2014 was notoriously snowy, bitterly cold and unusually lengthy.

Soon this image of an outdoor section of a local amusement establishment during the empty off season, will be replaced by visiting families, happy children, laughter and smiling faces upon the arrival of the springtime season, and hot summer days to follow a few months ahead of it all from now.

Eddie k.

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