Monday, March 17, 2014

The Oakton Junction commercial real estate caboose on Oakton Street. Des Plaines Illinois. October 1988.

I took this photograph during much better times way back in October of 1988.

This wide vision railroad caboose, is located on Oakton Street in northwest suburban Des Plaines Illinois, and was once used for a commercial real estate office complex known as Oakton Junction.

This caboose is still here today, but is now behind a chain link fence on weed overgrown property. The building in the background to the right is long gone, and the caboose itself has been badly vandalized in recent years with graffiti.

Hopefully someone can come along, and save this caboose for museum preservation or tourist railroad operation.
It would be a shame to have this one cut up for scrap.

Eddie K.

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