Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wheelin' the Marmon

Wheelin' the Marmon by woodybobbin
Wheelin' the Marmon, a photo by woodybobbin on Flickr.

I found this absolutely wonderful historic Chicago Transit Authority photograph at fellow Flickr member Woody Bobbin's photo page.

A southbound Chicago Transit Authority Route # 52 Kedzie / California electric trolleybus, is viewed entering the off street terminal at West 63rd Place and South Kedzie Avenue in Chicago's Marquette Park neighborhood on the southwest side of Chicago.

The Chicago Transit Authority's Route # 52 Kedzie / California Avenue bus line, was the last CTA electric trolleybus line placed in to service, and began operations in December of 1955. The CTA operated this line as an electric trolleybus route until March of 1969, when the old two lane 1906 vintage swing bridge over the Chicago sanitary and Ship Canal to the north at approximately West 33rd Street, was condemned and replaced with a standard stationary deck bridge

I was born in 1962, and this photograph is very special to me, as my family and I boarded and disembarked many a CTA electric trolleybus at this terminal during the 1960's.

Thanks Woody.

Eddie K.

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