Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Chucho's Maxwell Street hot dog stand. Chicago Illinois USA. May 2009.

Chucho's Maxwell Street. Chicago Illinois. May 2009.

Hi everybody!
Welcome aboard Eddie's Railfan Page from the city of Chicago Illinois.

A tasty and somewhat inexpensive fast food hot dog stand I discovered recently, is Chucho's Maxwell Street. Chucho's Maxwell Street is located at the intersection of West Addison Street and Forest Preserve Drive.

For many years, many local Chicagoans told storys about the old Maxwell Street Flea Market near Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood on South Halsted Street, and about a local food favorite served there known as the Maxwell Street Polish Sausage.
The old Maxwel Street area has since been redeveloped with new real estate, and the old area as it was known...is all but a memory.

In recent years, a string of local fast food chains known as Maxwell Street began to spring up around Chicago. The old Maxwell Street Polish Sausage sandwiches are alive and well here, as well as Hot Dogs, Italian Beef and Sausage sandwiches, and even a local Mexican favorite -"Tacos"! A pleasant taste tempting sensation here not seen at fast food places in many years, are the delicious fresh cut French Fries.

If You are ever in this area and You just happen to be hungry, You may like to stop here for some relatively inexpensive Chicago Style fast food delights.

Eddie K.

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what the step process is to start a Maxwell Street Polish stand? I grew up in Chicago and found some potential property that would make a great maxwell stand.