Monday, June 08, 2009

The Kiddieland Amusement Park at night. Melrose Park Illinois USA. July 2008.

Kiddieland Amusement Park at night. Melrose Park Illinois. July 2008.

I took this photo one night in July of 2008. Seen here is Chicago's Kiddieland Amusement Park in Melrose Park Illinois, as viewed from the east parking lot alongside First Avenue / Illinois U.S Route # 171.

This scene will soon be a memory, as the Kiddieland Amusement Park will be closing at the end of the 2009 season after 81 years in operation here in Melrose Park.
Please...get those photos now.


winslow said...

Someday you may be known as a great Chicagoland historian

Eddie said...

Thank You Winslow.
Between 1971 until the park closed in 1979, I went to Playland Park in Justice Illinois. I also went to Fairyland in Lyons Illinois a few times between 1971 and 1975.
Fairyland closed in 1978 and was replaced by a Zayre Department Store ( Now Marshalls) I also went to Adventureland in Addison Illinois once in 1976.

Could You believe it? My family
NEVER brought the camera with them once to any of those places.

I miss Playland Park, and would absolutely love it if anybody has pictures of the place that I could see.

Don't take anything for granted.
Going on location to photograph local attractions is very important.

Eddie K.

Tom K said...

I have a photo of Playland that my mom took in August of 1969.

Tom K said...

There is a Facebook fan page for Playland in Justice,IL with 12 photos (including 1 from myself)

John said...

I used to visit Playland Park and Fairyland Park in Lyons as well. I found the Playland Park facebook page but did anybody find Fairyland photos?

Dawn T said...

My parents use to take my sister and I to Fairyland when we we kids in the 1970's,my parents never thought to take any pictures either,I wish that I can see a picture of the entrance.I remember a lite up sign that said Fairyland and a fairy or maybe two, but I forget exactly what it looked like.I would love to see old photos, does anyone out there have any to post, for us old people out here in our 40's? I remember the little train, it was so exciting whenever we would go as young children, it was a magical place!