Monday, June 29, 2009

Digital Live Sound Video: Northbound Amtrak Hiawatha passing through a severe thunderstorm. Morton Grove Illinois USA. Friday, June 19th 2009.

I photographed this very unique digital live sound video on location, at the Morton Grove Illinois Metra commuter rail station. I was on My lunchbreak at the time, as severe thunderstorm activity was begining to create havoc. The National Weather service had issued a severe thunderstorm watch for the entire Chicagoland area, effective until 3:00 PM on this day. Arriving at Morton Grove just minutes after the storms arrived, I sought shelter under the station platform canopy. Seen here around 10:37 AM, is the Milwaukee Wisconsin bound Amtrak Hiawatha train rolling through heavy rainstorm conditions.

Many local sewers were overwhelmed by the deluge. Many people suffered from flooded basements and streets. There were many downed tree limbs and branches around too as well as hail. It was indeed a bad day weatherwise in the city of Chicago Illinois.


Chris Robbins said...

And miraculously Amtrak was still running at speed at a time when motorists had to slow down and airplanes were likely stuck on the runway. Nice.

Eddie said...

Hi Chris!
Thanks for the nice input.
Believe Me, If I had My way....
Amtrak would still be operating many of those pre 1971 passenger trains like the Twin Citties 400,
The Canonball, The Land of Corn
and the Danville Flyer.

We need to keep passenger trains alive and well these days according to this bad weather video.

Eddie K.