Thursday, June 11, 2009

In loving memory of My beloved Grandmother in law Josephine Kwit. 1921 - 2009.

My beloved Grandmother in law Josephine Kwit. 1921 - 2009.

Hello everyone.
A cloud of sadness is hovering over todays edition of Eddie's Railfan Page.
I recieved a phone call at work today from My lovely wife Cheryl.

Cheryl informed Me that her Grandmother Josephine Kwit, had passed away this
morning in Her sleep shortly after I had left for work today. She had just
celebrated Her 88th birthday in April of this year.

Josephine was a very kindhearted lady. She was a lively and fun loving person
who enjoyed Polish polka music, Monday Night Raw TV wrestling, knitting, cooking
gardening, and watching the Steve Wilko's show on daytime television.
Grandma always knew how much I enjoyed a good cup of coffee, and seen to it
that there was usually a hot fresh pot of it waiting for Me before I went to
work....or when I would come home for the night.

My happiest memorys of Her, are the many times that I would bring My accoustic
guitar upstairs, and accompany Her on songs that she loved to sing in Polish.
Her favorite was..."You are My Sunshine" in wich she would perform it in both
English and Polish language.

Grandma Josephine Kwit was our sunshine. May Her memorys shine on forever in our hearts.

Rest in peace Grandma. We love You.

Thank You.
Eddie K.


Anthony C said...

Condolences to your family and Godspeed to Grandma Kwit!

Anonymous said...

Very nice picture and very kind words Eddie.

I miss her very much.


Janice(daughter of Chester) said...

Nice picture. She will be very missed. She was truely a wonderful lady. We love you grandma, R.I.P.

Anonymous said...

Hey Eddie, that was beautiful what you said about grandma. Thank you. Crystal

winslow said...

You are a very lucky person to have had these individuals in your life.

leomemorial said...

our sympathies to you and cheryl...


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of the news Eddie. It sounds like you, your wife, and eveyone that knew her will always have pleasant memories of her.