Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Digital Live Sound Video: Mechanical safety fence gates closing at the CTA Linden Avenue purple line terminal. Wilmette USA. Early June 2009.

I photographed this unique behind the scenes digital live sound video, at the Maple Avenue CTA railroad crossing. This is the south entrance to the Chicago Transit Authority's Linden Avenue rapid transit terminal.

A northbound Chicago Transit Authority purple line train had just arrived a moment ago enroute from downtown Chicago Illinois via north suburban Evanston. The mechanical safety fence gate shown here, is viewed closing after the train has entered the Linden Avenue terminal in Wilmette Illinois, at the end of the line.
These mechanical safety fence gates, prevent unauthorized people from trespassing on to the electrified third rail right of way. Energized at 600 Volts DC...It has to hurt! A rather shocking revelation. ZAP!

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