Thursday, November 11, 2010

The CTA bus terminal loop at west 111th Street near South Springfield Avenue. Chicago Illinois. November 1989.

I took this unique 35 MM black and white photo way back in November of 1989, in Chicago's Mount Greenwood neighborhood on the far southside of town.

Seen here on a very overcast November Saturday afternoon, are two now long gone transit bus types once used by the Chicago Transit Authority.

The lead bus, is a rehabbed 1970's era GMC TDH Series Fishbowl Windshield transit bus. This bis is wearing the "New" 1989 CTA colors, and is operating in it's last years of service.

The 2nd bus, is a very square and boxy looking 1985 M.A.N transit bus. These buses were manufactured in the European Nation formerly known as West Germany. Because of there shape, many local Chicago bus fans nicknamed the 1985 M.A.N bus "Bricks".

This phot was taken at the CTA bus terminal at Wesyt 111th Street and South Springfield Avenue, in Chicago's Mount Greenwood neighborhood.

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