Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I found this photo at My link page Fallen Flags. Org to the right of Your computer screen.

One railroad I always enjoyed seeing in Chicago during the 1970's and in to the early to mid 1980's, was the somewhat financially challenged Illinois Central Gulf.

The ICG was created from the August 10th, 1972 merger of the Illinois Central, and the Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Railroad companies. Unfortunately...I witnessed most of My lineside ICG railroading,bfore I owned My first camera. For some odd reason or another, the ICG was one of those railroads where the trains never passed through when I was out there standing lineside on location with My camera in hand. Hmmm. I took few if any ICG pictures because of this.

Like many merged transportation companies, it could sometimes be several years before some of the equipment finally makes it to the company paint shop. I can recall seeing the former Gulf, Mobile & Ohio EMD model GP-30 roadswitchers like the example seen here, operating in the original and now very weather beaten G,M & O colors and markings as late as 1984.

I lived approximately one mile north of the ICG's Iowa Division Mainline in My old neighborhood in Chicago during the 1970's and 80's

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