Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I spotted this photo recently on the internet, at the website "Tom's Trolley Bus Pictures" www.trolleybuses.net. This photo was taken in Chicago Illinois, at the intersection of North Western and West Montrose Avenues in the year of 1970.

One of My happy memories from growing up in Chicago during the 1960's and early 1970's era, was riding the remaining 1950's era CTA propane powered transit buses that were built by the Flxible Twin Coach Company.

As I recall, these buses had a unique two tone green interior. The area below the windows, was painted in a shade of Teel green, while the area above the windows was painted in an aqua green color. These buses had soft vinyl seats in a medium green color. When these buses were built, they came equipped with individual incadescent interior lights. Flourescent interior lights wich are todays industry standard, would not be introduced on transit buses until the early 1960's.

These propane powered buses, had windows wich actually were set pretty high up in the bus body. On Adult passengers, the bottom window sill rested at eye leval. For a little Boy like Myself...I either had to sit on My Mother's Lap or kneel on the seat to look out the windows.

These buses operated relatively quiet, but had idled rough and were sluggish upon take off or acceleration. The Chicago Transit Authority retired these buses during the early 1970's. The last time I witnessed these propane buses operate, was in January of 1973. For one month, the CTA assigned several of these old soon to be retired buses to the CTA Route # 60 Blue Island line. That was the last time I ever saw these in service.

Eddie K.

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