Saturday, November 20, 2010

I spotted this old streetcar photograph from Detroit Michigan at My link page Dave's Electric Railroads to the rigyt of Your computer screen.

The photo is dated May 12th, 1946.
Seen here is a Detroit Department of Street Railways "Peter Witt" style single ended streetcar assigned to the Route # 20 Oakland line on Witherell at Broadway in the city of Detroit Michigan.

Peter Witt, was a man who was once the president of the Detroit Department of Street Railways during the 20th Century, and had designed and pattented this carbody style.
Many transit systems around North America had owned Petr Witt style cars in both single and double ended versions. The Chicago Surface Lines Company had purchased Peter Witt style cars during the 1920's, but were refered to as "Sedans" by many Chicgoans do to their roomy interiors.

This particular door arrangement proved to be popular, and eventually became the industry standard on transit buses.

A Detroit Department of Street Railways Peter Witt car that was oiginally preserved at The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn Michigan, is now on display inside one of the barns at The Illinois Railway Museum in the town of Union Illinois.

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