Sunday, November 28, 2010

I spotted this historic 1960's era photograph at My link page Dave's Electric Railroads to the right of Your computer screen.

Seen here sometime during the mid 1960's, is a local interurban electric passenger train from The Chicago, South Shore And South Bend Railroad, picking up and dropping off passengers at the storefront depot on 11th Street, in downtown Michigan City Indiana.

This photo is very special to Me, as I occasionally rode the South Shore from Chicago to Michigan City Indiana in those old orange 1920's era cars that were rebuilt during the 1940's, from 1974 until 1979. My family had an elderly lady friend of the family, who lived behind our apartment building We stayed at in our
old neighborhood, who had relatives that lived on a farm in Three Oaks Michigan.

We would board a morning Chicago, South Shore And South Bend Railroad morning 2 car local train, that would leave Randolph Street station in downtown Chicago around 9:55 AM, and ride to Michigan City Indiana were Her relatives would pick us up and drop us off later in the day.

Those were happy memories for Me, of a day spent in the country.

Eddie K.

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