Friday, November 12, 2010

I found this unique Chicago Transit Authority photograph at My links page Dave's Electric Railroads to the right of Your computer screen.

The Chicago Transit Authority's lightweight 6000 series rapid transit cars, were built by the St. Louis Car Company during the 1950's. These cars were unique, in that they were largely constructed using good and very like new components from recently retired and scrapped CTA postwar PCC electric streetcars. During the 1950's, the CTA phased out electric streetcar operations, and converted the many streetcar lines to operate with diesel and propane transit buses and electric powered trolley buses on some routes. The rapid transit lines desperately needed upgrading with new equipment.

The 6000 series cars did just that. These cars utilized PCC streetcar parts like the Controllers, trucks, wheels, traction motors, interior lighting, seats and handrail stanchions.

This photo, shows the original color scheme to the left, and the much simpler color scheme that replaced it to the right. after nearly 40 years or just less in service, many have wound up being preserved and operated today at various North American railroad museums.

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