Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Eastbound CanadianNational switching train heading to nearby Crawford Yard. Hawthorne Junction. Chicago / Cicero Illinois. March 2007.

I took this photo back in late March of 2007.

It is late in the afternoon on this very early Springtime day.

We are facing north at the Belt Railway of Chicago / Canadian National ex Illinois Central crosstracks, at the Chicago city limits location known as Hawthorne Junction.

An eastbound Canadian National way freight made up of tank cars, has just departed from the former Ilinois Central Hawthorne Yard in nearby west suburban Cicero Illinois. Tis eastbound train is enroute to the very nearby former Illinois Central and Chicago & Illinois Western Railroad Crawford Yard to do some switching.

These CN EMD light roadswitchers, appear to have a shiny recent paint job.

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