Monday, May 02, 2011

Eastbound Metra local at the Hanson Park commuter flagstop depot. Chicago Illinois USA. November 2006.

I took this photo facing west from on top of the North Central Avenue overpass bridge in Chicago, back in November of 2006.

An eastbound Metra local enroute to Chicago Union Statin from Elgin Illinois, is viewed making the station stop at the Hanson Park flagstop depot below.


Anonymous said...

What's the train heading the other way? Looks like vintage passenger rolling stock!

Eddie said...

Sorry that I forgot to mention that detail on My posting.

The passenger train to the left of the photo, is the annual visiting Ringling Brother's and Barnum & Bailey circus train. This large traveling circus, visits the Windy City every Autum for about a month from Mid October to mid November.

The circus plays at The United Center on West Madison Street, and The Rosemont Arena near Chicago's O'Hare International Airport.

Every year, they park the circus train here, on the former Milwaukee Road west line tracks at North Central Avenue.

Eddie K.