Monday, May 02, 2011

The Grand Trunk Western Railroad Elsdon depot on West 51st Street. ( Gone.) Chicago Illinois USA. October 1983.

I took this now historic Chicago railroad photograph, way back in October of 1983.

The old steam era Grand Trunk Western Railroad Elsdon Yard facility on West 51st Street, was in it's final week of operation prior to abandonement by the GTW management.

The GTW Elsdon Yard, featured this lovely wooden two story passenger train station on the southside of West 51st Street, east of South Lawndale Avenue. No longer serving passenger trains since the begining of Amtrak on May 1st 1971, this 1888 built station, was now being used as a yard office and crew headquarters.

Elsdon depot, was demolished in November of 1983. I used to love to hang out here after nearby Curie High School had let out for the day.

Eddie K.

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