Sunday, May 01, 2011

One railroad that always had a special place in this railfan's heart, was the former Atchinson, Topeke & Santa Fe Railroad.

Obe of the Santa Fe's color schemes that I have always enjoyed, was the "Yellow Bonnet" color scheme shown here.

The Santa Fe had introduced this color scheme in 1972, replacing the basic dark blue with yellow ends color scheme that they were using since 1960. This color scheme was quiete stylish, and provided more visibility at railroad grade crossings. Although the Santa Fe had reintroduced their pre 1971 red and silver "Warbonnet" passenger train locomottive color scheme in 1989, this blue and yello "Yellowbonnet" color scheme, until the 1995 merger with the Burlington Northern Railroad, that created todays BNSF Railway.

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