Monday, November 26, 2012

Elmhurst Chicago Stone Company G.E 45 ton center cab diesel locomotive. Elmhurst Illinois. August 1988.

I took this photograph in Elmhurst Illinois, way back in August of 1988.

Located just west of downtown Elmhurst, is the Elmhurst Chicago Stone Company quarry near Illinois Rt # 83.

Seen here on company property, is a very heavilly used and possibly being canibalized for parts General Electric 45 ton center cab diesel switcher. The G.E 45 ton center cab switchers, were good reliable machines for industrial in plant switching and shortline railroad operations.

The G.E 45 ton model, featured 4 axels, but only two traction motors on the trucks. To cut costs, the wheels on the truck sides were connected with side rods much like a steam locomotive. Most four axel diesel electric locomotives, utilize 4 traction motors.

Many G.E center cab switchers from post world war 2 times, are still active today at steel mills, scrap yards, heavy industry, shortline railroads and grain elevators.

A quality purpose built locomotive from G.E

Eddie K.

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