Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Dallas Transit GM fishbowl windshield bus # 93. Dallas Texas. June 1980. Jim Husing collection.

I found this photograph at my Link page Northern California Bus Fans, which is located to the right of your computer screen at www.norcalbusfans.com  ( A really cool photo page.)
The General Motors Corporation had introduced their "New Look" models of TDH Series Fishbowl Windshield buses in 1959, and they were an instant hit. Many city transit agencies owned and operated these during the 1960's, 70's and 80's, and the city of Dallas Texas was no exception.
Dallas Transit GM fishbowl windshield transit bus # 93, is viewed passing through downtown Dallas Texas, way back in June of 1980. According to this, Dallas Transit at one time had painted their city transit buses in this very unique and colorful paint scheme back in the day. Nice.

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Outhouse Mouse said...

Location of the picture is on Main Street. Bus is headed West, and is just a few blocks from Dealey Plaza. Phone number that is advertised on the side of the bus is for The Dallas Times Herald newspaper (now defunct). The word behind the drivers head "FRIED CHIC" is from the KFC restaurant, located on the ground floor of that building. The intersection that the bus just passed through, isn't even an intersection. The stop lights were there to allow pedestrians to cross at this huge crosswalk.