Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Elgin City Lines 3951. From Flickr photo page member David Wilson.

One of my all time favorite transit buses from the past that I had grown up with during the 1960's and early 1970's...was
the classic 1950's era General Motors (Old Look) transit buses.

Although most people remember the standard 40 foot models, GM also built several small 30 foot "Baby Buses." The smaller GM old look buses, worked for many small town and suburban transit agencies, some were even utilized as school buses.

After General Motors had discontinued the 1950's old look body style on the large 40 to 50 foot models beginning in 1959 upon the introduction of the TDH new look fishbowl windshield models, GM continued to manufacture the classic old look GM's in the small 30 foot models until approximately 1967. The later old look models featured twin sealed beam headlights up front.

These two small GM old look buses, were photographed at some point during the 1960's, working for the Elgin City Lines company prior to 1968.

Eddie K.

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