Thursday, November 02, 2006

November memorys. Burlington Northern Railroad's Lumberyard District industrial switching local. Chicago Illinois USA. November 1983.

I took this picture on a cloudy morning in November of 1983. We are on South Paulina Street approximately 3 blocks south of Blue Island Avenue in the Pilsen Neighborhood. I was on location with a railfan acquaintance from Curie High School named Jeff. In the background to the left, is Jeff's Family's 1974 Chevrolet Suburban. We are in a section of Industrial park that was referred to for many years, as "The Lumberyard District". Although there were other factories -A grain elevator -and Warehouses here...At one time there was a major preponderence of retail and wholesale lumberyards. There is still some lumber company and building supply activity today in this area, but not quiete as much. Here we see an elderly EMD 1st Generation SW series diesel switcher pulling out a cut of lumber flatcars from one of the many industrial park sidings. This train operated during the morning.

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