Monday, November 13, 2006

Elgin,Joliet & Eastern Railroad switching local. Cresthill Illinois USA. March 2000.

I had taken this photo of an Elgin,Joliet & Eastern Railroad switching local near the Joliet Illinois area. I was working at the time as a delivery truck driver in the area, and was fortunate enough to take My camera to work that day. At the time of the photograph, The E,J,&,E was painting their road service diesels in a bright orange color scheme, while the yard switchers such as the one seen here were painted in a green color scheme. This elederly EMD SW Series diesel switcher was photographed near Route # 53 and Caton Farm Road in southwest suburban Cresthill Illinois, near the city of Joliet.

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Anonymous said...

My grandfather worked for 20 years for the EJ&E railroad. He was a switchman in the Gary Indiana rail yards. He always talked of the "Hump" and how it separated the rail cars. He had his old battery lantern and his railroad hat. He liked it lots. He died three years after retirement at age 63 in Gary Indiana.