Monday, November 06, 2006

Outbound Strasburg Railroad steam train. Strasburg Pennsylvania USA. August 1990.

I took this photo in August of 1990. I was on a one week vacation in Strasburg Pennsylvania. We are approximately a 1/2 mile east of the Strasburg Railroad depot near Ebonshade Road. The Steam locomotive worked originally for the Great Western Railroad from the state of Colorado. The Great Western Railroad, wich was headquaretered in Loveland Colorado, was an industrial shortline railroad that primarily hauled Sugar Beets. They were a late user of steam locomotives, and ran theirs until 1964. Engine # 90 seen here came to Strasburg Pennsylvania in the year of 1967. The open observation car immediately behind the locomotive was featured in the movie "Hello Dolly", wich had starred Barbra Steisand and Walter Mathau". All outbound Strasburg Railroad trains operate tender first, or in reverse enroute to Leaman Place Junction in Paradise Pennsylvania.

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