Thursday, November 16, 2006

My friend Punkin. 1991 -2006.

Seen here in May of 2006, is a nice photograph of My wonderful friend "Punkin" spending some quality bonding time with Me. Punkin was an exceptional Chihauhau dog with a very kind mannerism and a very loving heart and spirit. My wife Cheryl raised her from a puppy -gave her lots of love -and recieved 15 outstanding years together. I had only known Punkin for 4 years...but She loved Me so much that You would think the dog knew Me all of her life. We had spent many hours together.
Punkin was a lively dog full of fun and occasional mischief.

Punkin lost her 3 Year battle with heart illness on November
14 - 2006. The house is empty without her today, but the happy memories -the joy -and love she brought to My wife -
her family -and Myself, will live on forever.
Our friend Punkin was the best.

Rest in peace My friend. God bless.


Anonymous said...

The thoughts and memories will always
be remembered. We feel for your loss, thinking about you in this time of need.

Our deepest sympathy,

Your friends,


lapstrake said...

Sorry about your loss.

Cheryl was blessed with having 15 years with her little friend! Isn't that like 105 in dog years???!! wow! She must have taken great care of that little dog.

Take care.