Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Eastbound Santa Fe intermodal train. Chicago Illinois USA. November 1989.

I had taken this photo,looking west from the
South Pulaski Road overpass bridge. An eastbound intermodal A,T &,S,F train is heading for Corwith Yard. Notice 2 red diesel locomotives in the aborted "Merger" color scheme. The proposed merger between the Southern Pacific and the Santa Fe Railroads never materialized.
The courts said "No" in 1986.


tlee169 said...

This is the ATSF Junction Yard which has some concrete troughs between the tracks. This was for cleaning the refrigerator cars.

Eddie said...

Those hard working men who loaded the old refridgerator cars with those big blocks of ice, they had to be Body Builders.
They were day to day working class Arnold Schwartzeneger's.
Their muscles must have ached terribly. Can You imagine doing that in some of the Hottest ,Coldest, Rainiest, or just plain worst that Chicago weather has to offer?

They earned their money the hard way in those times. It had to be an unpleasant job when it was in the upper 90's outside.

Thank You.

tlee169 said...

At Corwith the receiving yard at Corwith was 17 tracks with 1 being the longest, about 100 cars. Between 13 and 14 was the ice tipple which was a ramp to bring car loads of ice to the roof level of the SFRD car bunkers so the ice moved side ways with hooks, way ahead of lifting. Now even the diesel refer cars are gone.