Friday, November 03, 2006

Northbound CTA Route # 52 Kedzie / California Avenue bus. Southeast corner of Archer and Kedzie Avenues. Chicago Illinois USA. November 1989.

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Today is "Bus Day" here at My blog site. In todays installment, we are going back to the late 1980's on the Southwest side of Chicago Illinois. One Saturday afternoon in November of 1989, I took one of My many weekend Bus rides, as I did not own a car yet. I rode to the Mount Greenwood neighborhood at 111th and South Kedzie Avenue, but had stopped off at Archer Avenue for a little while that cloudy day. I had a few black and white photographs left on a previous roll of film. I finished them off that afternoon, and even though it was the late 1980's...These photographs look vintage by todays standards. Seen here at the southeast corner of Archer and Kedzie Avenues in the Brighton Park neighborhood community, a northbound Kedzie Avenue bus is passing the intersection at Archer Avenue. This bus is a 1985 transit coach from M.A.N of West Germany.


lapstrake said...

...And hidden behind that bus is the famous Park Restaurant. I have many memories of eating breakfast there when I was very young...usually after church on Sunday, before going to the PNA picnic grounds in Yorkville, IL. Then in later years (around the time of this photo) with you and Ed and Bill and sometimes your Aunt.

Eddie said...

I actually miss the old park restaurant Myself. I used to eat there with My Mother during the 1970's. I also think that this was the first place that Me, You, Big Ed, and Bill did breakfast together Tom. I recall that in Later years, they had a problem with the local Drunks -Panhandlers -and Mental people coming inside off the streets, bothering the patrons, and stealing the poor waitresses tips.
Where did Brighton Park go wrong?

Still, it was nice.

Thank You.