Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Eastbound Burlington Northern Railroad freight train. Downers Grove Illinois USA. October 1989.

I had taken this photo on location in Downers Grove Illinois on a lovely late Autum day in October of 1989. I did not own a car yet, and at
this point in time was into cross country bicycling. I had spent the day enjoying the fresh
air and sunshine bicycling from My old
neighborhood on Chicago's southwest side, and
visiting such places as Lyons -Mc Cook -Brookfield -La Grange -Western Springs -Hindsdale -Clarendon Hills -Westmont -and
Downers Grove out in Chicago's western suburbs.
I was in top physical shape back then, and no long bike ride was complete without bringing My camera along for the ride. This railroad line prior to March 2nd 1970, was the f0rmer Chicago, Burlington & Quincy railroad mainline. On March 2nd 1970 The Burlington -The Great Northern -the Northern Pacific -and the Spokane Portland
and Seatle Railroads all merged and formed the Burlington Northern Railroad seen here.

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