Monday, November 27, 2006

Route # 52A South Kedzie Avenue bus rounding the corner at West 43rd Street. Chicago Illinois USA. April 1989.

I was still living in the city of Chicago Illinois when I had taken this photograph in the Spring of 1989. A mid 1970's Vintage Chicago Transit Authority General Motors "Fishbowl" bus, is turning the corner at South Archer Avenue and West 43rd Street, wich was also known as the "Pope John,Paul 2nd Drive" from his 1979 visit to the city of Chicago.
For a period of time, certain CTA Route 52A south Kedzie buses actually terminated at 43rd and Kedzie Avenue. I am not sure, but I think it was mainly during weekday rush hours. Most Route # 52A South Kedzie Avenue buses terminated at Kedzie Avenue and 63rd Place on the North, and 115th Street and Springfield Avenue in the Mount Greenwood Neighborhood, on the border with the town of Alsip. On school days during the week, the bus would terminate at Marist High School in suburban Alsip Illinois.

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lapstrake said...

I remember taking these busses to the Loop. I guess they called them fishbowl because of the windshield, but you would have a different opinion if you rode the bus during a rainstorm... they leaked everywhere!

I quickly learned to carry some paper towels with me to wipe the seats dry so I could sit down while everyone else stood looking at me sitting and the empty wet seats!