Monday, November 13, 2006

Southbound Union Pacific freight train. Bridgeview Illinois USA. April 2006.

This photo was taken at West 71st Street in the village of Bridgeview Illinois. I was living in Bridgeview at the time, and photographed this train on My way home that day. This train is travelling southbound over the Indianna Harbor Belt railroad mainline.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I just happened across this web page and this picture and low and behold I remember beating many a train over this crossing. One episode cured me from racing trains through these gates; I was riding a motorcycle, about the year 1958-59, the caboose had just passed me on the track and I went around this gate. Not ten feet down the other direction came this big ass diesel train. Damn, I peed my pants. I had to stop on the other side to recover. One second earlier and I would have been dead meat. Other than this, I had one heck of a time living in Bridgeview. Chicago itself is one nice place. I currently live in Dubois, Wyoming where I am retired. Who'd ever think? Jimmy Porter