Tuesday, November 14, 2006

In loving memory.My friend Punkin. 1991 -2006.

The last photo on todays posting, is dedicated in loving memory to a wonderful pet friend that passed away last night.
Seen here approximately one week ago, is My Wife's dog "Punkin". I met My wife Cheryl at Karaoke 4 years ago, started steady dating -became engaged after two years -and said the magic words "I do" on June 24th 2006. Punkin and her Sister Chihuauhua "Lucky" (died 2004) had a reputation of not taking to everyone. Lucky and Punkin loved Me from day one and basically welcomed Me into the Family. Her Family was impressed that these two dogs wanted to be My buddy and it was great having Punkin greet Me after work, or just to hang around and follow Me everywhere around the house. She was fun.
Punkin unfortunately has been suffering from heart related illness for the last 3 years, and the lord decided that Heaven needed a loving little dog. She passed away last night at age 15.
Her loving mannerisms and cute comical little antics will be missed.
Peace My friend.

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Anthony C said...

Sympathies. Always tough when a beloved pet passes.