Monday, November 27, 2006

West Towns Bus Company # 776. The Midwest Transit Bus Museum. Cresthill Illinois USA. September 2000.

I had taken this bus photo, during the September 2000 "Members Day" open house at this obscure little bus museum. I used to work as a delivery truck driver in the Joliet Area, and had discovered a collection of privately owned "Antique Transit Buses" sitting in an industrial storage yard at Route 53 and Caton Fard Road in suburban Cresthill Illinois. I had soon became a member. This bus is a 195o General Motors TDH Series from the West Towns Bus Company. This bus operator was pre RTA /Pace ,in Chicago's western suburbs, and was headquareterred in suburban Oak Park Illinois. This bus was in service until approximately 1979. The blue and white West Towns bus to the left, is an "Inoperable" (no engine) 1947 Mack bus.

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