Friday, November 10, 2006

Westbound Amtrak Illinois Zephyr at Hollywood Station. Brookfield Illinois USA. October 2006.

I had taken this evening photo after work one day in October of 2006. We are at the BNSF / Metra Hollywood Station commuter stop on the east side of the suburban village of Brookfield Illinois. This commuter train station is unique in design and is known as the Zoo Stop for the nearby Brookfield Zoo approximately 5 blocks from this station stop. Zooming by at what appears to be a good 60 to 70 Miles per hour is the Amtrak Illinois Zephyr wich is utilizing a General Electric Genesis Series P-42 diesel locomotive in the Acella color scheme. On the other end of the train is an elderly late 1970's vintage EMD F-40ph , wich had long since been rebuilt into a very practical baggage control car. This way the locomotive crew doesn't have to run around the train or be wyed for the other direction at the terminal. Time saving genious.

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