Monday, November 27, 2006

Welcome aboard the "Bus Day" Express!

Good morning everybody!
Welcome to Eddie's Railfan Page. Today I am featuring
a special "Vintage Bus Day" photograph posting at My blog site for all My fellow Rail and Bus enthusiasts.

Here I am actually driving (under supervision) a 1950
General Motors TDH Series Transit Coach from the
West Towns Bus Company. The bus drivers back then
I swear "Had to be body builders", as there was no
"Power Steering". Uuumph! There was also no "Windshield Wash Sprayer mechanism" either. My how the times have changed. Ha ha!

This bus is owned by a "full time" pace bus operator, and -
good friend of mine , Mr. David Buzek. This was fun!
"Next stop -Cermak and Harlem Shopping Center, Berwyn"!